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Mindfulscape (mind·ful·scape) is a private therapy practice and mental health service, founded by Eliza Jade Brown on September 2021 in Austin, TX, situated on Tonkawa, Comanche, and Apache land.

Through the process of psychotherapy and consulting, Mindfulscape seeks to support mindful and authentic connections for individuals within themselves, their relationships, and their communities to nurture and inspire individual and collective wellbeing and quality of life.

The therapy and consulting provided at Mindfulscape may resonate for those who consider themselves dreamers and creative explorers with a deep desire to heal and grow from past traumas, and understand themselves and life to the fullest, and appreciate a collaborative and human-centered approach with awareness of interconnectedness with nature and the systems in place.

Mindfulscape is first generation immigrant and Filipino American owned. Supportive of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity and equity. LGBTQ+ allied. Supportive of sustainable living.

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