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Eliza Jade Brown, LCSW

Eliza Jade Brown, LCSW

My name is Eliza (she/they). I have worked as a licensed therapist in Austin, TX since graduating with a Master of Social Work from UT Arlington in 2016. I am a Filipino American therapist, and I value diversity and social equity. In my time in behavioral health and psychiatric facilities, and telehealth and group practices, I have supported individuals of most ages, different racial and ethnic identities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders in healing and growth.  In 2021, I opened my private practice, Mindfulscape. In my practice, I provide teletherapy, conventional therapy in an office setting, as well as walk and talk therapy for teen and adult clients facing ongoing internal challenges stemming from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and complex, developmental, relational, attachment, and intergenerational trauma and recently, ADHD and other neurodiversity. These ongoing challenges may involve struggles with chronic anxiety and mood, depressive episodes, persistent difficulties with relationships and self-esteem, disordered personality traits, self-sabotage, addiction, and various forms of unhealthy coping strategies. My focus as a therapist is to provide a safe and confidential space for my clients to explore their challenges, provide a holistic yet clinical perspective, and empower my clients towards their own healing and growth. I am trained in the trauma-informed, depth psychology model, NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) at the Master Level. I also pull from my training as a clinical social worker to consider environmental, cultural, medical, and behavioral interventions. Much of my time is spent on collaborating with my clients and other providers for highly individualized care. Starting in 2024, I am available for other health providers that are not currently meeting with my clients or part of consultation groups I'm currently involved in to schedule phone or video consultations for support with their practice or to learn more about my specialties to incorporate or adapt into their work.

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