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Therapy Services

I provide highly individualized, long-term psychotherapy through meeting twice, once, and bi-weekly, and as needed. I typically start with meeting clients once a week and may adjust after collaborating further on their mental health needs in therapy. Psychotherapy is considered a medical service that I provide under my LCSW, therapist license where I provide a safe and confidential space to address and provide guidance for mental health challenges. Details are provided through an Informed Consent Form prior to starting. I am available to meet by Zoom in the convenience of your own private space located within Texas, in-person at my office located at 13785 Research Blvd, Suite 125, Austin, TX 78750 in the NW Austin Lakeline area right next to Cedar Park, TX, and in-person in nature or on a local trail based on necessity, convenience, and scheduling. If you have further questions, please be sure to ask during a no-cost 20 minute consultation call prior to getting started. Which you may inquire by Contacting me throgh the form below or by emailing at

Insurance and Fees

I am in-network and accept most Aetna, Optum, Oxford, UMR, and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) plans. If your plan indicates any of these names, I can verify your cost out of pocket for each session after we meet for a consultation call and before starting therapy. If I am out-of-network, I can provide a superbill based on your out-of-network coverage. I highly recommend calling your insurance and inquiring about your out-of-network benefits and the process of submitting a superbill for reimbursement prior to starting. You may also opt out of using your insurance in any way. My psychotherapy fees are: $180 per 60 mins, $150 per 45 mins, $120 per 30 mins There is an $80 cancelation fee for all no-shows and cancelations within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment.  Since therapy is considered a medical service, you may use your HSA or HRA or other health or medical related account for payment with or without insurance. I require a payment method at the start of therapy through HelloAlma if I am in-network with your insurance or in your client portal if I am out-of-network or if you are choosing private pay.

Healthcare Consulting

If you are not currently a healthcare provider providing care for a mutual client or part of consultation groups I am actively participating in, I am available to meet for consultation at $120 for up to an hour by Zoom. Since this is for solely educational purposes and not psychotherapy, you may be located outside of Texas. The focus of these consultations is supporting you with your clients and practice. I do not provide Supervision hours for LMSWs at this time, but have plans to provide this option by 2026.

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