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Eliza Jade Brown, LCSW


Hi, my name is Eliza. I appreciate your presence and curiosity in learning more about me and the therapy I provide.

I hope in sharing this information, it can be the start of building connection and trust as your therapist or healthcare consultant.

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Professional Background

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas, Psychotherapist and Owner at Mindfulscape, Master NARM Therapist, and Board Director at Kasamahan. I have worked at the Austin Mindfulness Center, BetterHelp, Austin Oaks Hospital, Georgetown Behavioral Health, Austin Lakes Hospital, Tarrant County MHMR, Arlington Life Shelter, and with the Travis County Probate Court. I have received clinical training from the Complex Trauma Training Center and the NARM Training Institute. I graduated with a Master and Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington after studying and dropping out of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Loyola University Chicago. I also received training from the Myers & Briggs Foundation and graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program.

Specialties and Focus

I specialize in addressing Complex PTSD and ADHD with teens and adults from all walks of life through individual and as needed family therapy. I relate my specialities to my understanding of neurodiversity and the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). From working as a licensed therapist since 2016, I am experienced in providing therapy for chronic anxiety, depressive episodes, grief and loss, recovery from episodes of mania and psychosis, recovery from addiction and chemical dependency involving substance use, media use, disordered eating, and I am experienced in addressing disordered personality traits, persistent self-esteem and relationship issues, difficulties with life transitions, goal setting and attainment, and overall difficulty with improving life quality and finding fulfillment. As a Filipino American in community with other minorities, I also specialize in providing mental healthcare for first and second generation American immigrants, notably Filipino Americans, and I am an advocate for diversity in mental health spaces through supporting social and healthcare equity with my colleagues and the communities I am involved in. Recently, I have been learning more about Filipino indigenous wisdom and spirituality and how it may be applied to psychological healing and posttraumatic growth. I plan to attend the Symposium by the Center for Babaylan Studies held in Aug 2024 to learn more.

Approach in Therapy

Considering myself a person-centered and trauma-informed therapist, I prioritize adapting my skills and approach based on a person's unique blend of needs in therapy, and consideration of the historical and systemic contexts of their challenges. From my NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) training, I incorporate depth psychology and trauma-focused somatic therapy interventions which involve uncovering deeper, life-affirming intentions and connecting a person with their agency over largely subconscious and automatic patterns that may show up in thoughts (cognitively) and biological processes (somatically) in real time (experientially and phenomologically in the present). Pulling from my background in clinical social work, I also work with the external through considering behavioral, medical, cultural, and environmental interventions with my clients, and may also provide them support in connecting with other specialized providers and forms of care. I provide therapy through phone and video calls, in-person in nature and in an office setting. I may offer clients personalized summaries and considerations, when I have the capacity, for them to review between sessions, and I have received feedback from many of my clients that they have found this a valuable part of their therapy process.

Interests and Journey

I enjoy practicing mindfulness in nature in local hikes in the Texas Hill Country. When I am able to prioritize travel, I tend to seek out unique and beautiful landscapes, and cultural experiences connected with the local ecosystem and land. I also enjoy creating art through painting abstract landscapes that focus on my authentic experiences of landscapes and symbolism inspired by nature. Regarding my ethnic identity and personal background, I was born in Manila, Philippines to Filipino parents, and immigrated to the United States while I was in grade school. My family of origin and my family by marriage are very important to me. I'm deeply grateful that despite living through adverse childhood experiences, I have a secure home base in the present from which I can confidently explore from and positively impact the people and communities around me.

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