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There are 105.000 Filipinos born outside of the US in Texas.

Consider the culture of medicine or culture of mental health care, and how you may be an outsider or subscribe to this. Consider the different opinions and perspectives of those around you regarding health.


The Myth of Normal - Gabor Mate, explores how modern day society contributes to mental illness

Scattered Minds - Gabor Mate, considers the environment of which the ADHD brain developed

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts - Gabor Mate, provides an understanding of addiction

When the Body Says No - Gabor Mate, the importance of stress management as it relates to overall health

Healing Developmental Trauma - Heller and LaPierre, foundations of NARM therapy, trauma-informed therapy model

The Practical Guide for Healing Developmental Trauma - Clarifies the process of NARM therapy for clinicians and clients

Wherever You Go There You Are - Jon Kabat-Zinn, supports learning about mindfulness and how to access it in everyday life

The Creative Act - Rick Rubin, 

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